Its an unfortunate fact that we have to take very seriously the threat of break ins into Conservatories and Orangeries. Today we use these rooms as 2nd lounges, dining rooms and we often have equipment such as TVs, Hifis, computers as well as other valuables.  To be honest these extensions were always seen as the easy option for a burgular… NOT ANY MORE… all the Platinum range feature the following standard security features.

  • All glass is glazed from the inside ensuring the glass cannot be easily removed.
  • Windows can lock in the vented position and feature dead locking handles
  • Doors feature Multi-point locks with triple claw action, dead bolts and sliding cams
  • Hinges are protected with anti jemmy points
  • Windows have double shoot bolts and a dead bolt system
  • All window hinges are defender to stop forcing on the hinge side
  • Roof glazing is secured by locking cappings requiring a specialist tool for removal

Other options that can be specified

Lock bumping? Not with Antibump cylinder

Lock bumping is a method of using a similar brand key and then using a blunt instrument to knock the pins to align with the intruder key enabling your lock to be opened quickly and easily

Cylinder Rip? Try another way in !!!

The cylinder where it joins in the middle is only connected with a very small amount of metal or plastic, this can be forced by either impact or more commonly pulling the cylinder, again effecting easy quick entry. The new range of cylinders are designed to have their faces ripped off leaving the lock embedded and still affording good security.

Secured by Design

All products supplied by Crofton can be specified to adhere to full Secure by Design, PAS 23 enhanced security – Just ask.