Heat Exchangers


We supply & install Conservatory heaters that are not only highly energy efficient but are also some of the most stylish conservatory heaters in the UK, they will heat your conservatory and reduce your heating costs by up to 80%.

In addition all of these systems will cool & dehumidify your conservatory.

Owning a conservatory is one thing… utilising it to its full potential is an entirely different matter, having one of our conservatory heaters / coolers, you will able to use your conservatory all year round.

Please take the following in to consideration. Having invested in your own unique conservatory, it’s essential you create a room that is perfect for relaxing with friends and family regardless of the season. All too often the weather dictates when you use your conservatory, which very often makes it under utilized all winter and summer.


Heat pump air conditioning is the ideal and most efficient solution for this problem, heating and cooling your conservatory all year round.

A heat pump system works much more efficiently and saves more energy than a traditional heating system. With a heat pump 1kW of electricity consumption generates 3 to 4kW of heat; in comparison the traditional heater uses 1 kW of power to generate 1kW of Heat.

We are extremely proud of the simple yet eye catching designs we are offering, giving the end user something that looks far more stylish than just a wall mounted radiator. These units have a Quality feel about them and they fully conform with European standard, with ROHS, CE, CB TUV & EMC certifications.

Each system is remote controlled and comes pre-charged with enough gas for a 5m pipe run. Each one also comes with 3.6m of interconnecting cable and copper coil pre-lagged and pre-flared and just about everything else you need for a back to back install.

In addition to the usual Heating/cooling/dehumidification/fan modes, other great benefits include;

  • Reliability – At the heart of each unit is a Toshiba or Hitachi compressor, we believe the compressor is one component that should never be compromised as this is where the hard work for the whole system is carried out. A fully guaranteed top branded compressor is fitted for this reason.
  • Energy Efficiency – These VS systems are running on R410A the most efficient ozone friendly CFC free refrigerant (not the cheaper R407C). This efficient gas ensures a high EER (energy efficiency ratio) which in turn means the units all display the “European energy rating” A.
  • Self Fault Diagnosis – In the event of a fault the unit will display a code to indicate where the problem lies.
  • Negative Ion function – Negative Ions are always found in abundance near rivers and mountains and after thunderstorms. They are believed to refresh the body and enhance overall well being. In addition to this they also produce ozone which in turn then assists in the break down of pollutant particles. Along with the Biological anti bacterial filter it can eliminate fumes and dust in the air to give maximum air quality. By filtering and suppressing bacteria passed over the gauze filter made from the green plant elite. It can also prevent secondary infections caused by the spreading of micro organisms.
  • Intelligent sleep” mode – where the output of the system is gradually reduced until it switches itself off over a 7 hour period.
  • “Feeling” function – the remote control senses any minor alteration in room or body temperature and signals the changes to the unit every 3 minutes so adjustments can be made regularly.
  • “Double Muting Technology” – Internal and external vibration reducing design is used to absorb noise. Patented technology is used to improve the construction of indoor fans, with motor bearings and fan bearings made by SHI in Japan. So you can feel the wind with out hearing the noise.