There are two main types of Orangery, the conservatory style orangery. Ultraframes Livin Room is a good example of this. Ultraframe take a normal conservatory and they insert a skirt around the eaves and an external cornice around the outside. Some features include

Lighting can be inserted in the plastered skirt area

Enhanced insulation around the ring beam

The cornice covers the normal guttering, creating a seamless look

Polycarbonate is inserted internally around the edge to hide the mechanics of the skirt.

Available in a number of colours, including grey and chartwell green.


The other option is the full Crofton Orangery. This is our most popular product, we utilise a fully structural engineer designed timber roof which has a Firestone EPDM (single ply rubber) deck. This has our smart glass roof lantern placed on top. The benefits of this system over the conservatory style orangery are:

Easy maintenance of the rooms above, you can walk around on our roof

Incredible level of insulation with a 0.16u value this is 20 times better than double glazed glass and twice as good as a cavity wall

We can make any shape room.

Internal ceiling height that generally matches the height of your rooms, plus the lantern

Click on the picture for more examples

Firestone rubber roof with a 15 year guarantee

Often installed with folding door systems to create huge open areas.