There are a number of distinct conservatory designs that are popular. Here a number of them with a brief description:


The Victorian conservatory can be made with three sections, five sections and stretched  (like the picture) These are the traditional conservatory we tend to associate with the Victorian era. Pretty and creating interesting shapes in the garden , they can often add an elegant style to many gardens.

These are of course available in a choice of PVCu, Hardwood and aluminium with either polycarbornate or more often nowadays our super efficient Smart Glass.

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Just like the Victorian, the Edwardian has the same high pitched roof, but is square or rectangular in shape. This gives better utilisation of space.

All our conservatories can be combined with box gutters which enables them to be used in a bungalow situation.

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The Lean-to and the Gullwing

Modern and contemporary the lean to conservatory is our most cost effective conservatory, the gullwing is particularly effective on modern estate houses as it less fussy than the Victorian models.

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Pshaped conservatories can combine a Victorian or an Edwardian with a lean-to or gullwing conservatory to create a multifaceted room with maybe a dining area and a lounge area.

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T shape conservatory

Bespoke Ideas

Got any unusual ideas? We have, let us come up with something special…….

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