Formed in 1995, our blind manufacturer has steadily grown through a philosophy of supplying quality products at competitive prices together with offering a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service to Crofton’s customers.

They manufacture most of the products that they supply which not only enables them to offer their products at very competitive prices but more importantly, allows them to control the quality of their products.

5 year guarantee image

All the blinds manufactured carry a 5 Year Guarantee against defective components or workmanship.

Perfect Fit Blinds



Perfect Fit is a revolutionary new stylish and versatile system of window blind, designed specifically for the modern UPVC window. As the name implies Perfect Fit enables tensioned pleated and venetian blinds to be installed perfectly onto modern UPVC windows, including tilt & turn windows. The result is a simply stunning blind that will enhance the aesthetics of any room.

The blind is fitted within an all round frame which is then fitted to the glass bead without the need for drilling any holes into the window frame.

  • Designed for use on tilt & turn windows, conservatories, back doors with narrow frames and most conventional UPVC windows and doors.
  • No holes need to be drilled, which means the blind can be removed at any time leaving the window in original condition.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Fits almost flush with the window frame.
  • Enhanced appearance and improved privacy is achieved with each blind.
  • Less light entering around the edges of the blind due to the all round frame.
  • Choose from 20mm pleated, 16mm/25mm aluminium or 25mm woodslat venetian blinds.


Perfect Fit Frame

The Perfect Fit frame is manufactured from white powder coated aluminium with pre-formed corners and locating holes are punched on the inside flange of the frame to allow the frame to be attached to the installation brackets. The position of the brackets is achieved by holding the Perfect Fit bracket positioning card in each corner of the window frame and then sliding the installation brackets between the glass and the glass rubber.

The actual blind, whether it be pleated, aluminium venetian or woodslat venetian, is fitted to the inside of the Perfect Fit frame, so removing the need for any holes to be drilled into the window frame.

The Perfect Fit frame is then fitted onto the installation brackets by the locating holes in the frame.

Perfect Fit 20mm Pleated Blinds

The Perfect Fit pleated blinds are mounted inside the Perfect Fit frame and have side guide wires which hold the blind firmly in place and allow the blind to be positioned at any point from fully open to fully closed.



The pleated fabrics have ultra slim 20mm pleats and as with Vertical and Roller blinds, the range of fabric patterns and colours that we are able to offer you is vast as we carry ranges from 3 of the largest fabric manufacturers and we have access to virtually all the smaller fabric manufacturers.

This gives you not only a tremendous choice of design in a wide variety of colours but also allows you a choice of fabrics that are:

  • Solar Protected
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti Glare
  • Dimout
  • Blackout
  • Matching Vertical and Roller fabric

Head Rails & Bottom Rails

The head rail and bottom rails we use for the manufacture of Perfect Fit pleated blinds are aluminium and as with the roller blinds, the fabric is locked into these rails thus ensuring that there is no chance of the fabric coming away from the rails. The rails are slim-line in appearance and are available in white powder coated which ensures the rails will match the Perfect Fit frame and the window profile.


Operation of the blind is achieved by moving the bottom rail down to close the blind and up to open the blind by means of a handle which is fitted to the bottom rail of the blind.


All the pleated blinds that we manufacture are automatically supplied with the unique Unipleat pleat retention system. This ensures that the pleats retain a uniform spacing and the pleats do not drop to the bottom of the blind under gravity.


Pleated Roof Blinds

In our opinion the blinds that are most suitable for this type of problem are pleated roof blinds.

The advantages of pleated roof blinds are:

  • Solar backed fabrics to reduce heat build up in the conservatory
  • Ideal for non vertical surfaces
  • Can be manufactured in a variety of shapes
  • Most cost effective method of covering a conservatory roof
  • Matching roller and vertical fabrics available


Conservatory blinds is a market where there is a huge demand for blinds but from a blind companies point of view, it is also an area where a lot of care and time has to be taken in both the manufacturing and installation of the blinds, especially shaped roof blinds.

As a manufacturer of pleated blinds, they are experienced in making not only free-hanging and rectangular roof blinds but have a lot of experience in manufacturing shaped blinds of the type that are commonly found in the Victorian style of conservatory.


As previously mentioned, shaped roof blinds are very time consuming and on their initial visit we will take rough measurements of your conservatory roof to enable us to provide you with a quotation.

On the first visit they will also advise you concerning:

  • The optimum quantity of blinds required
  • The advantages and disadvantages of covering one or more roof panels with one blind
  • What areas, if any, cannot be covered
  • How and where the blinds will be fitted
  • How they will operate
  • Any problems that they can anticipate such as ceiling fans, lights, strengthening bars, roof vents, etc
  • Manufacturing time
  • Installation time


If you then decide to proceed they will return to take detailed measurements and mark out the position that the rails are to be fitted. This second survey can take anything up to 2 hours depending on the size and type of the conservatory and the amount of roof panels to be fitted.

Once they have manufactured the blinds, they will then return to install the blinds. Again, depending on the size and type of the conservatory and the amount of blinds to be installed, fitting can take anything from 1 day for a fairly small conservatory to 3 days for a large complex conservatory with a lot of blinds.
As a full manufacturing member of The British Blind and Shutter Association, we adhere fully to their code of practice and we believe that as a member, it offers our customers some peace of mind that when dealing with Custom Blinds, they are dealing with a company who will offer quality products and high level of service. more info